God Knows Me Now and Then


When the Father knows me, He knows me now and then — fully now and fully then. When He knew me in my thirties, He knew me now, in my sixties, and He knows me just as intimately in my seventies or eighties and at the moment of my death. The psalmist spoke of that knowledge. He said it was too high and wonderful. 

Sometimes I look back on the zeal of my youth and wonder if I have fallen and become less intimate with Father. When I consider clamoring back to intimacy, I remember He knew me now, as I am, even back then, as I was. He knew and knows me just as He knew the Israelites in their times of faithfulness and in their times of failure. 

He knows me. He knew me. He knows me tomorrow. And still His mercy endures. 

2 thoughts on “God Knows Me Now and Then”

  1. My father is 97 and suffers from dementia and depression after a having a stroke a few years ago. He does not say much but one of the few things he does say is “Now and Then”. I believe he speaks volumes about what is going on in his heart as Father prepares him to go home.

  2. I have just spent all evening, listening to all of the lectures on Luke, Thank you so much for putting them on line.
    They are such a Blessing, they give me such an insight to the book of Luke and how they tie into the Old Testament.

    this is not only a time of learning for me, but a time of great encouragement.

    Blessings to you.

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