Headed Home

I just got off a Skype call with Jody (hooray for Skype!). It was 6 AM in Istanbul. They will be headed for the airport by 8 preparing for an 11:00 AM departure for Chicago. So, the next time I will hear from her will likely be when she’s again in the US. Something comforting about being back in the states. 

I’m a little late getting her Thursday posted, but here’s what happened: 

They visited with three different leaders who work in the prayer arena in Turkey. In addition, Jody and Claudia were introduced to a young Christian man who happened to be a tour guide. He showed them around Istanbul–a very picturesque city. They visited…

I haven’t a clue about most of those, so it looks like I’m going to have to wait for Jody to bring her pictures back. In the mean time, I’ll surf the net. 

Anyway, she’ll get back to Portland at around Midnight on Friday. She will have been chasing the sun all the way home, so that will have been one lonnng Friday for her. 

Thanks for your prayers as the ladies make their way back. 

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