Home Again

Ah, how good to me home! I so much enjoy spending time praying with brethren in other parts of the country, but there is nothing quite as enjoyable as flying down the Columbia River Gorge approaching the Airport. Home! a wonderful word and a wonderful place.

If you’re interested, the prayer summit was held north of Chicago on the campus of University of St. Mary of the Lake, Mundelein Seminary campus. Part of the facility is used for conferences. What a wonderful place to spend a quiet time. It was like visiting Rivendell or Loth Lorien. If you visit the link you can see some photos of the place. [Patricia, you might especially appreciate that!]

phr_kleenex.jpgAnyhow, I’ll be pondering some more thoughts that may irritate my friends and frighten my enemies, but first I need to get rid of this damnable cold! It still plagues me. Everything we love about colds and much, much more…snrrrroorrchkk…excuse me, I need a Kleenex…

One thought on “Home Again”

  1. Probably I mentioned that the Great Red Haired One has relocated herse’f to Chicago. I am pretty sure — a phone-mailed photo she sent of the facade of an Orthodox church near her place notwithstanding — that she will not be hanging out in environs ecclessiastical. Just a guess, of course 😉

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