Report from Bogota

From Jody:

We got up at 5am this morning and headed into downtown Bogota to the church where the school was held. People began arriving around 8 and we began the school at 9am. I spoke twice this morning–on Ministry to the Lord and the Tabernacle. Claudia videoed the entire session both times on a flip video recorder. They turned out great and we were trying to figure how to transfer it from her computer to your computer, so you could upload part of the video on the website. We don’t know how to do such a thing, so it will probably have to wait until we get home. In the afternoon, I prepared what I preached tonight, while Jules spoke, and then we sent them out to pray through Isaiah 61 until the Lord stopped them. It was exciting to hear all of their responses. The church that we held the school at was founded on that scripture. One older lady shared that in the previous session, while Julie was up teaching, the Lord walked up to her, stayed with her, and then reached out His hand and touched her to heal her. She had never had such an experience of the Lord before. Back at the first Sacred Space, we had asked the Lord for the gift of healing when we went out, and today there was evidence of the Lord moving through the people, and accomplishing His will in His habitation. Had a quick bite for dinner, then back to the church where I was invited to preach. Just got home. Dead tired, but filled with joy.


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