Tie Things Together

variety photoYou may know that Jody and I live in several different places on the web. Here, of course, but we also hang our hat over at The Summit Fellowships where we wax eloquent about the joys and challenges of simple churches (or house churches, or small-group churches…whatever). We have a site at Two Worlds Media where we tinker around with publishing and one called Stone Butterfly that I intended to turn into a blog about prodigal children, PTSD, drug addiction and related issues. But wait! There’s more.  I (Dan) also maintained a site that was supposed to be the launching pad for all of our web activities and for my creative writing and genealogy pursuits.

It was making me crazy.

The upshot of all that is that we are going to start pulling the content from the other sites together, as much as possible,  into one place: here.  As we do that, you will see two added categories on  this blog, namely “Prodigal Journey” and “Creative Muse.” Furthermore, much of the content from this site will be linked to Pinterest through the “Church of the Heart” board that we share with our friends and ministry partners, Calvin and Julie Tadema, and Ben and Heidi Sadler.

Summithome and Two Worlds Media will remain pretty much the same, although some of the posts that you read here may also be reposted there and vice versa.  My creative site, www.danmayhew.net  will be reserved for poetry, essay and genealogy but won’t be the “launching pad” I once envisioned. I’ll include an occasional link to it, but that’s about it.

What this means is there is about to be an influx of variety here at ‘tween2worlds as the other sites disappear or are re-purposed. DanMayhew.net will be linked here and stonebutterfly,net may become a blog maintained by someone else, an exciting prospect that I’ll tell you more about in the near future.

So, there you have it! Watch this space and see what turns up.

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