Jody’s Grand Canyon Adventure

Now here this! Jody is heading off to join a group of  nine adventurous ladies who are going to be hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon during the first week of October. She leaves on Saturday, September 30th. The trail looks like what you see above. Do I have to say we’d really appreciate your prayers for a safe trip?  Didn’t think so. Fortunately, there’s something to look forward to. Here it is.

The intrepid band of hikers will be leaving from the North rim, and wind up at Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the canyon (14 miles) where they will spend two nights to recover and then hike out to the South rim (10 miles). That’s a round trip of about 24 miles down and then up!

Training involved Jody (aka, “Mountain Missile) dragging Dan (aka, “The Snail of the Trail”) up a few steep trails. Here’s a FaceBook link to one of those adventures.

Anyway, Jody’s been looking forward to the trip. As for Dan, he will be praying without ceasing. She’ll be out of contact while she’s on the trail. Stay tuned!

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