I Like Jesus Because…

Courtesy Dr. Ashraf Fekry

He isn’t a capitalist, a militarist, an Evangelical, a Catholic or a Mormon. He’s not a fundamentalist, a theologian, a conservative or a liberal. He is not a Republican, a Democrat or a member of any party. He is a simple itinerant teacher who lived beyond the systems of his day and the systems of ours. He did not found a religious organization, engin -eer the  Great Schism, cause the Inquisition or approve the Holocaust. He did not sanction the reformation, validate the Puritans, write the US constitution or applaud the Ku Klux Klan. He was a poor man, a humble servant, the incognito Prince of Peace and the strength of God invading the fallen world. He is the one who lay down His life to prove the power of forgiveness and the weakness of hatred. And He calls us to decline the wealth of this world; to challenge the evil around us; to fearlessly and relentlessly love because He stood victorious against the power of death. And that’s why I like Jesus. 


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