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Coming Soon…The Ancient Deceptions

Two Worlds Media

For the last year I have been working on a project with Julie Tadema. We are about to launch a book called The Ancient Deceptions — discovering the oldest tricks in the Book. We take a look at the first deceptions ever unleashed on this planet and the continual harvest of corruption from such poisonous fruit. I lay the deceptions out, and Julie uses case studies to define our way of escape. I have taught this numerous times and realized that the church often finds herself unskilled at contending with ‘the deceiver.’

This morning I came across this verse in Isaiah 44:20. It is reflecting upon someone who is practicing idolatry:

“He feeds on ashes; a deceived heart has turned him aside. And he cannot deliver himself, nor say,’Is there not a lie in my right hand?”

So many are unfamiliar with the nature of the invisible, spiritual realm. It is critical that we know the Truth, Who sets us free…because IF you are deceived, you don’t know it.