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Daniel Chapter 8

Having put the rigors of Chapter 7 behind us, Jody begins to explore Daniel 8.

Daniel 7 (Part 4)

More exploring in a challenging chapter filled with dreams, visions and amazing images. It’s some pretty tough going as Jody attempts to discover the meanings in this chapter. Join her as she steps into the time machine that is Daniel 7.

Daniel 7 (Part 3)

Jody is in “cryogenic” Saskatchewan helping facilitate a prayer summit for the pastors and leaders of Saskatoon.

Meanwhile, Dan fills in teaching from verses 9-18. Who are these magnificent persons in the throne room? Who is the “rider on the clouds”? And who are these standing around? What are they waiting for?

Daniel Chapter 7 (Pt. 2)

Jody drills deep into the mysteries of Daniel’s vision of the future. What does it all mean? We may have to wait to watch it unfold in real time to find out. In the mean time, let’s explore some of the most bizarre and wonderful images in the Bible.

Daniel Chapter 7

Jody returns to explore Daniel  7, a wild vision of the future with enough symbolism and visionary imagination to keep you wondering for days and keep you awake nights!

Daniel Chapter 6

You wait all this time for the holidays to be over so you can hear Jody teach through Daniel and what happens? Jody is called out of town to facilitate a prayer summit in Modesto. So, this week’s study of Chapter 6 (the famous story of Daniel in the lion’s den) is taught by Jody’s husband, Dan.