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LDS – A Delightful Chat

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LDS Sisters

Just had a delightful conversation with two young ladies from the LDS church (the Mormons). They stopped by to chat about faith and church. I wish we’d had more time to talk.

One of the things I like to explore with LDS folks is why they feel there is a need for a “new revelation,” i.e., The Book of Mormon and others. Such discussions usually reveal some remarkable differences in understanding about the nature of God, the Savior (Jesus) and salvation.

They said they might stop by again. If not, maybe they’ll email me. I gave them my card.

Hope to hear from them again.

We Are Different

We are different, she and I.  

She finds delight in things that look nice or fine.

I shrug…but not where she can see me.

When she can see me, I smile and offer opinions, which are worthless.

She knows not to pay attention to my opinions.

They are sincere enough, but they are based on well-practiced confusion about how things look.

When we go shopping I am drawn to things that move or tick or hum,

Things that work, whether or not they are useful.

They are good if they have parts that fit together,

Forming a functional completeness.

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Celebrating 42 Years

dan&jodyIt was 42 years ago that two kids (sheesh, we were young!) got married. I often marvel at all that decision has meant over the years. Three great kids, and now five grandkids. We thank God for our life together and the work He has given us to do. And what might that be? In a brief sentence:

Encouraging the forward movement of the Kingdom through churches of the heart.

[About the photo. We tried to take a “selfie” and nearly caused a riot at the viewpoint. Thankfully, a capable young lady offered to take the photo before we gave up in despair. I still wonder who that dorky guy is with that beautiful lady.]

Good Morning, Lord!

IMG_0940 Local time: 4:45 AM.

That’s right…AM.

Ohhh dark thirty.


The birds ain’t up yet early.

Who knew 4:45 comes twice a day?

But, by golly we made it to the Grand Canyon before sunrise. Jody promised me we would.


But what a beautiful vista! I’m posting a picture, but it doesn’t do it justice. It’s one of about a bazillion she took…

A Big, Beautiful Hole in the Ground

IMG_0891Jody and I are off for a few days to the desert world of Arizona! Jody is going to be introducing the Sonship Studies to some folks from a fellowship in Tucson and our friends Dick and Connie offered to fly me down with her so we can spend our 42nd wedding anniversary at the Grand Canyon. They even loaned us their car. Wow. What a blessing!

We arrived in Tucson at about noon, Connie fed us and then sent us on our way. We were hoping to make it in time for Jody to take some pictures of the canyon at sunset. We got there too late for that (the photo was as close as we got) but we plan to be there for sunrise.

Front Line. Forward Movement.

I watched 1300 police cars and fire department vehicles — first responders — travel down the freeway yesterday, headed for the memorial for Officer Robert Libke, slain in the line of duty. I stood, tears streaming down my face, feeling deeply inspired.

Robert Liblke

Cars don’t inspire me….

Flashing lights don’t inspire me……

It is front line responders functioning as one.  I came to Christ and I am called to frontline, forward movement….operating with an inspired oneness.  That is my vision of Church.   It is what I can not live without. Yesterday was about honoring a slain hero.  Today is about really living for Christ.