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Dan Mayhew teaching the men’s bible study in Hebrews at Montavilla Church, 2007-08

Men’s Study in Hebrews – Chapter 6 (Pt 2)

This may be the last of the men’s study in Hebrews due to schedule conflicts with the Saturday morning meeting time. The women’s study will continue.


Men’s Study in Hebrews (NOTICE)

It has seemed that the time of the men’s study may be a problem. Today, for example, there were schedule conflicts that prevented most from attending, as there were last week. We’re wondering if we should continue with the study, or try to change meeting times. Your input would be welcome and most appreciated. You can leave comments here, or call Les at (503) 750-7358.

Men’s Study in Hebrews #12

Hebrews 6: 1-8. Discussion of foundational issues and “falling away.”

Montavilla Baptist Church.


Men’s Study in Hebrews #11

Another round table study at Montavilla Baptist Church.

Hebrews 5 (Pt. 2). The symmetry of scripture, the Gethsemane experience and the importance of growing into the fulfillment of God’s plan.


Men’s Study in Hebrews #10

The men get back together after a three week hiatus. This is a round-table meeting about Hebrews chapter five. (Note: Studies #8 and #9 for the men are also the women’s studies).

Speaker: Dan Mayhew

Location: Montavilla Church


Women’s Study in Hebrews #9 (Men too!)

Audio Link

Dan stands in for Jody and finishes up Hebrews 4. Entering God’s rest and our great high priest.

Speaker: Dan Mayhew