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The Question

We spent some time with friends the other night. Dinner and conversation. As often happens we all had the opportunity to share some of our “war stories” about life in the church.  Jody and I have a code word for the toughest time in our life: “the kaaboom.” Seems like everybody in ministry has gone through a ‘kaaboom’ at one time or another. 

On that night, one thing that came up was God’s place in all of those experiences. It’s tough to keep from blaming Him. He’s the one in the head office, isn’t He? Why did He do that? Let all that stuff happen?


Over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that the “why” question doesn’t really get at the point. God doesn’t seem interested in answering that one. He’s more interested in answering the most important question: How?

When the kaabooms of life happen, God wants to show me how to get though them. How do I feel the pain and forgive the hurt? How do I face the challenge without getting bitter? How do I pray when all is lost and I am ready to quit? How? 

When it’s all said and done, Father never promised that he would save us from pain and the hurt. He promised to save us through them. And since He came and dwelt among us and experienced His own kaabooms, He can tell us how to get through ours. 

The question “why?” is just shrapnel from the explosion of this fallen, rebellious world. God didn’t cause it. He doesn’t manipulate it. In His sovereignty, He is repairing it. How to live though the explosion is God’s answer to the question … and His gift. 


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Shalom, y’all!

Dan (aka, Summiteer)

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