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Thy Kingdom come…


When Jesus exhorts us to pray for something, we’d better listen. And He said we are to pray for God’s Kingdom to come. As I’ve suggested before, I take that to mean not only the Kingdom that will unfold in its fullness when all things are put under the feet of Christ, but also the kingdom that is presently unfolding here in time and space. Looking at it that way, we are presently “Living into the kingdom.” We ought to be applying as much of the way of life of that future realm as we can here, as we anticipate the full revelation of the Kingdom in which we will one day fully live. The Kingdom is coming while our mission to destroy the works of the devil advances.  Continue reading Thy Kingdom come…

Church in the Fine Print


Here is my definition of a contract. A contract, in my view, is a law-based arrangement entered into by multiple parties that is designed to do two things for the participants:

  • Guarantee maximum benefit for all parties.
  • Limit the liability of all the parties, in other words, protect each party from harm.
Buyer Beware

That’s in an ideal world. That assumes both parties Continue reading Church in the Fine Print