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I’ve Been Thinking – Dan’s Video Blog

PublicDomainPictures / PixabayI’ve decided to take a page from Jody’s book and create a video blog of my own. While hers is a series, an extended study of walking in the Spirit, I am going to semi-regularly upload some random thoughts that I hope will give you something to think about. I am calling the podcast “I’ve Been Thinking – two minute thoughts about God, the universe and related subjects.” Here’s the link to the the “I’ve Been Thinking” YouTube channel. It’s also in the Audio/Video menu above.



And We Have Liftoff!

LaunchLaunch: To start or set in motion an activity or enterprise.

I was invited to a launch party today. Cape Canaveral? No….a new friend’s living room.

I met her husband and children and friends as they gathered to pray and bless her new endeavor. In the midst of days filled with diapers, she said yes to one more ‘birth’. Today she launched her blog….. Continue reading And We Have Liftoff!

Guest Blog Link

From Chasing Ebenezer
Dysfunctional Creativity

By Ben Sadler

My journey as a song writer has been a mixed bag. To this day, when I sit down to write a song I feel an outside pressure. A pressure that creates an imaginary audience of my peers evaluating every chord I play and each word I sing.

It didn’t use to be that way. Not in the beginning. But in becoming a performing artist, I started to consider how people would respond to my music. While it is healthy and sometimes necessary to keep others in mind when you create, it can also be crippling. The enemy knows this and I believe it is one of his strategies against Christian artists…

Continue reading…