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Is God Out of the Office?

If you know me (Dan) well, you know I have a dubious relationship with the month of August. At the risk of sounding a bit whiny, I must say that it is  a discouraging month. Not only is it a dry, hot, sweaty, yucky (did I mention hot?) month, it seems that nearly everything slows to a crawl until we roll into September like a deflated beach-ball. I often quip that it seems even God is out of the office until Labor Day.

Moreover, as I plod through August, I don’t mind the thought of getting through it so we can move into the new year. (Yes, I know Continue reading Is God Out of the Office?

Finishing a Busy Few Weeks

We have finished a busy few weeks. Both of us were in Colombia during the first week of February, came home for a week and jetted off to Wisconsin to facilitate a Prayer Summit and, in between facilitated a prayer day for a Presbyterian church in Vancouver, WA.

The first week in March Jody attended a women’s retreat with Montavilla Baptist Church and, during the same weekend, traveled back to the metro area to teach at the Ignite Conference.

Whew! Time to breathe!

Update from the Mayhew Universe

From our “Forward Movement” newsletter…
So, what’s been happening in the Mayhew universe lately? The grief over the passing of Dan’s sister is subsiding; we’ve had some time to decompress after a push-and-pull season of emotion and busyness; we are moving again and feel released to creativity and fruitfulness.

Wow. Writing stuff like that puts the pressure on! Gotta deliver. Gotta make it happen. Or maybe we just have to rest in the direction of the Lord and see what is unfolding. Here’s what’s unfolding so far. Continue reading Update from the Mayhew Universe

Colombia Team Back in the States

The team made the grip back from Medellin to Miami and are now headed for home after a night in Chicago. The trip was, by all accounts amazing and wonderfully profitable for the kingdom. Thanks for your prayers.

Jody Probably Going to Balkans

Well, we’ve been uncertain whether doors would be opening for Jody to go to the Balkans to introduce the concept of a Prayer Summit to local Christian leaders. It looks as though the team is coming together and that we may need to start making the travel arrangements and such for October. At this point we don’t really know how we’re going to take care of the costs and other details so, as always, we’d appreciate your prayers. We’ll give you details as we get them.

Jody’s Prayer Team

Dear Friends,

Many of you are aware that I am about to leave on two significant mission trips. I will be traveling to Egypt to teach from August 4-14, and then to Ecuador and Columbia from August 22-Sept 6th. As I write to you, I am very aware of the natural dangers to face in this travel, and I am committed to walking in utter submission to the Lord, set apart—consecrated for this journey, and walking in wisdom, as we hear Him speak. There will be frequent updates ( when possible ) that Dan will be mailing out. I am asking for a group of men and women to be on high alert in prayer during this next season of time—not just for me, but for others in your ‘oikos’—your own spiritual household. Even as the Lord is having us buy up opportunities for the sake of the Kingdom, we cannot forget to ‘defend forward’ in prayer. Would you be willing to commit to ‘guard duty’ for the next 4-6 weeks? Would you be willing to take the same time block each day ( and / or night ) and pray for Claudia Dunne and I as we minister in Egypt and for Daryl Knudeson and I as we minister in Ecuador and Columbia? But I would ask you to think this through in some additional ways. In any military, guard duty is shared whether during peace or at a time of heightened alert and warfare. This seems to be a time of heightened alert. Would you choose a time, daily, where you lift—in prayer—before the Father, the names and needs of those you are in spiritual relationship with? Would you respond to this email with some commitment of your own for a season of ‘guard duty’? I have some unprecedented opportunities for ministry on these two trips. Could you listen for the voice of the Father, and pray in response to what you hear? If you are willing, please hit reply and let us know when the Lord will have you before His throne. I love you and I am blessed to walk out this partnership with you.

Blessings, Jody